Brite Keanu Ebanks kommt für die Defense- und Offense Line!

Die Hildesheim Invaders haben wieder zugeschlagen. Ab der neuen Saison wird der 117kg schwere Brite Keanu Ebanks die Defense- und Offense Line der Hildesheimer Footballer verstärken. Bei einem Interview mit den Invaders hat er bereits ein paar Eindrücke preisgegeben.

Invaders: Hi Keanu, we’re happy to have you here in Hildesheim in 2018!

Hi Torben, thanks for having me, it’s great to be part of the team.

Invaders: Why did you choose Hildesheim for the next season?

When I came out there and met the team everybody seemed to have a real love for the game of football and were intent on winning some games, which is the culture i want to be around. Also everybody was really friendly and welcoming.

Invaders: You were at the Tryout in Hildesheim – what do you think about the Invaders?

There was a good intensity at the tryout, with everybody trying to compete which is great to see. The players and coaching staff all seemed very knowledgeable and had a positive attitude about them.  Meeting the fans of the team was awesome as well.

Dies waren nur ein paar Fragen des Interviews zwischen Torben Dill der Invaders und Neuzugang Keanu Ebanks. Zum KOMPLETTEN INTERVIEW einfach hier klicken.